Available Position


Library Director


The Monroe County Library Board of Trustees is accepting applications for the position of Library Director. Minimum requirements include a bachelor's degree from a four -year college or university, or the ability to meet the requirements for that level of certification. An ALA-accredited MLIS degree is preferred, and the successful candidate must be able to pass a background check.  Application forms, application instructions, and a full job description are available at https://moncolib.org . Incomplete applications will not be accepted. We will begin reviewing applications soon. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. A complete application from will include the application form and a resume submitted to director@moncolib.org or to:

Monroe County Board of Trustees Monroe County Public Library

121 Pineville Rd

Monroeville, AL 36460 



Library Director Duties


  1.   Act as technical adviser to the Board; recommend needed policies for Board action; recommend employment of all personnel and supervise their work.
  2.   Carry out the policies of the library as adopted by the Board  
  3. Suggest and carry out plans for extending the library’s services, especially by applying for all essential grants, maintaining an active Friend of the Library organization and by keeping support of the United Way.  
  4.  Prepare monthly reports embodying the library’s current progress and future needs. 
  5.  Maintain an active program of public relations by enhanced programs and advertising. 
  6.  Give a current report of expenditures against the budget at each board meeting.
  7.  Know local and state laws; actively support library legislation in the state and nation. 
  8.  Select library materials, furnishing and equipment suitable for the needs of the community. Director can spend up to $300 on furnishings or equipment without Board vote.  
  9.  Attend the Friends of the Library meetings and work with them in achieving improved library services.  
  10.  Director or staff member will be on or work with the United Way or have a good l library representative.
  11.  Attend all Board meetings other than those on which his/her salary or tenure are under discussion. 
  12.  Affiliate with the state and national professional organizations and especially attend professional meetings and workshops that are required.
  13.  Assign staff members to attend meetings and workshops according to pertinence.  
  14. Have staff representation at all Alabama Public Library Science sponsored meetings and workshops. 
  15.  Make use of the services and consultants of Alabama Public Library Service. 
  16. Report regularly to the Library Board. 
  17.  Call any necessary meetings for the employees of the Library.